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We provide professionally written estimates for tree removal upon your request. Upon acceptance of the estimate, we will discuss scheduling of your tree removal project. Your desired completion date, weather and your schedule are some of the important factors we consider during this stage. We notify you the day before (by phone or email) we arrive unless you or we have agreed upon something different.  Although not necessary, we can schedule your tree removal job so you can be there. Most tree removal jobs take 2-4 hours to complete.

Our tree removal crew usually consists of two or three workers- one tree worker and one or two ground workers. The tree worker is the person who goes into the tree and cuts it down, the ground workers handle the tree once it is on the ground. We are experienced in safely performing any tree removal situation utilizing the proper equipment, tools, and techniques. Equipment is driven to your property and includes a large woodchipper, a chip truck that captures the woodchips, and a bucket truck and/or a dump trailer with mini skid steer if needed.

Special care is taken to protect your turf, house, other trees and shrubs and anything else in the work area. We usually need your driveway clear of vehicles so we can park our trucks. We also clear the work area of obstructions like bird feeders, patio furniture, etc. by moving them to a safe location. The tree worker either climbs or operates a bucket truck to access the tree. The tree is cut into sections that can either be dropped or lowered using rigging ropes to the ground. Once on the ground, the ground workers drag the tree branches and fed into the woodchipper and turned into woodchips.The woodchips are usually hauled away but can be left on site at your request.

Logs too large to be chipped are loaded into the dump trailer and hauled to a firewood processor for resale. Logs can be left on site and cut to your specifications upon your request.  Sometimes this reduces the cost.  All twigs, leaves, bark and associated debris are raked up and hauled away so your property is left as close as possible to its original condition, sometimes better. Then we put everything we moved back to its original position.  Just before leaving your job site, we use a leaf blower to clean sawdust, etc. that accumulated on your driveway, sidewalk, patio, roof, etc. Invoices are mailed within a couple weeks to you unless other arrangements are made.


Sometimes, taking care of a tree means cutting it down. Some common reasons to remove a tree include:

  • Dead or dying
  • Unsafe condition caused by internal trunk and/or root decay, root loss
  • Hazardous
  • Crowding other desireable trees
  • Ugly appearance
  • Too close to house, building, driveway, etc.
  • Make room for construction
  • Hazardous condition of limbs and branches prone to breaking
  • Invasive and/or non-native
  • Disease control
  • Blocking important view
  • Tree has grown too large for space
  • Storm damaged including trees that have fallen on your house, car, driveway, etc.
  • Too much shade/need more sunlight

Tree removal is the most common request we receive. It is also the most recognizable aspect the public sees tree services performing. We can provide free, no obligation estimates for tree removal. We utilize advanced equipment and techniques to safely cut down a tree and remove it from your property. Using either a bucket truck or a tree climber we tie branches, limbs, and logs to a lowering line and safely  lower them to the ground. Once on the ground, the branch is untied and dragged to and then hand fed into a large woodchipper and turned into woodchips. The woodchips are usually hauled away to a different site where they are used for mulching. Logs too large to be chipped are taken to a firewood processor, split and dried for resale. Logs and woodchips can be left on site if the client requests. Sometimes this saves the client money.

Tree removal is very labor intensive and dangerous. It requires great skill and strength for the worker in the tree and on the ground to safely and efficiently perform this service.

Invasive species removal and control

Exotic (non-native) invasive tree and shrub species should be removed to promote good health of your woodlot or property.  If you would like a property evaluation to determine if invasive species are present on your property, please contact us to schedule a property visit.  We can determine if there are and make recommendations for managing them.